Sound Country Expertise for Your International Business.

We analyze the political and economic conditions in your foreign markets.

Bespoke Advice

We analyze political and economic developments in your foreign target markets—clear and concise in a format that is tailored to your needs, and in personal discussion if required.

Experienced Experts

We work with nationally and internationally leading foreign affairs and security experts to deliver important background information, well-founded insights and competent first-hand assessments.

Global Network

As the consultancy subsidiary of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) we can rely on a global network grown over decades. We provide you with political expertise to all countries and regions that are of interest to you.

Flexible Services for Your Individual Needs

The more political developments impact your economic success, the greater your need for reliable and well-founded country analyses. Draw on the DGAP’s foreign policy expertise—and consulting services that are flexible and calibrated to your needs.

Stability Analyses

Well-founded analysis of political stability in your target markets
Are you planning long-term investments in countries and regions that seem fragile or unstable? With our DGAP Stability Analyses you can add an important political component to your analysis portfolio and critically examine existing recommendations for action or support them qualitatively.


Continuous coverage and analysis of political developments
We continuously monitor political, social, and economic developments in your foreign markets. Our DGAP Monitoring serves as an early warning system, enabling you to recognize political changes in time and to react with foresight.


Background information and assessments of foreign policy developments

Foreign policy events can have a significant impact on your international business. With our DGAP Reports we explain the background and show you possible scenarios of further developments.


Direct contact with our experts

Due to their complexity, some issues are better discussed in person. In moderated roundtables, our experts provide you with additional insights and first-hand assessments.


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The foreign policy network
DGAP Consulting is a subsidiary of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), the foreign policy network.

The DGAP is committed to fostering impactful foreign and security policy on a German and European level that promotes democracy, peace, and the rule of law. Since its founding in 1955, the nonpartisan organization’s members and research have continued to shape the debate on foreign policy issues in Germany.

Through its work, DGAP aims to facilitate well-grounded foreign policy decisions, promote informed debate on foreign policy issues in Germany and further develop German expertise in foreign policy. 

Policy-oriented research: The DGAP houses a modern think tank that aims at advancing foreign policy. It offers advice and gives impulses in the field of operational foreign policy focusing on Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, the EU, China, Middle East/North Africa, and the United States. 

Dialogue platform: With approximately 200 academic conferences, discussions, lectures, and debates the DGAP is Germany’s key platform for exchanges on foreign and security policy. 

Trusted information: The DGAP publishes Internationale Politik, Germany’s leading foreign affairs magazine. With the IP sister publication Internationale Politik Quarterly the DGAP shapes foreign affairs debates internationally.


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